Mudflat Studio Artists of Color Summer Residency

February 11, 2024
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We are excited to invite applicants, at any career stage, to apply for a short term ceramic residency program at Mudflat Pottery School in Somerville, MA. This residency program will be offered during a flexible period within the summer months, with the timeframe to be determined by the resident based on their schedule and residency goals. Applicants will propose how they intend to use this residency program; options include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing teaching experience through running a workshop(s)
  • Developing a solo show during your time at Mudflat
  • Dedicating your time to creating a body of work

Mudflat will provide support to candidates to structure the residency to further their artistic career, facilitating mentorship relationships, as desired, within the area(s) of interest. It is our hope that the successful applicant will be in dialogue with the artistic community at Mudflat during this residency program.

For more information, or to apply, click here.

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