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January 15, 2024
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About Rockland

Rockland was founded in 2015 by the unmarried husband and wife team of Jodi Rockwell (she/her) and Shawn Landis (he/him).  We began Rockland Residency to share what we have as fellow-artists with an understanding of what artists need to authentically create and add to culture.  Jodi is a potter, mother, partner, educator, artist, organizer and all things administrative for Rockland.  Shawn is an artist, contractor, designer, community builder, father, coach and partner.  Together, our skills and curiosity bring interesting people into our life.

About Rockland Woods

Located on the Kitsap Peninsula across the Salish Sea from Seattle, Rockland Woods is on native Suquamish land, nestled on 20 acres of 100-year old, second growth forest with lake access.  The climate is lush and damp with seasonal wildlife and flora.  Owls, beer, deer, coyote, frogs, ferns, cedars, skunk cabbage, trillium flowers, Rhododendron trees, moss (!), bleeding hearts, bats, native yellow lily, native blackberry, maples, Douglas Fir…and more!  Belfair, WA, is the nearest small town at the southern tip of the Hood Canal.

Residency Structure

Rockland offers 3-week residencies in October and January annually.  There are 8-10 residents in October and 6-8 residents in January, in addition to 2-3 support staff. Rockland Staff are commonly artists as well, who participate in their studio practice during the residency period alongside residents.  One of the staff members is the chef who prepares lunch served buffet style at 12:30-1:30 pm and dinner served family style at 6:30 pm, 6 days per week.  Residents create a shopping list for the chef to gather breakfast and snack items beyond the lunch and dinner service.  The food budget is $300 total for each resident during their stay.  All residents are responsible for kitchen clean up after meals.  

Accommodations are typically personal live/work spaces.  There may be situations when sharing space is necessary for live or work.  Consider our accommodations to be “glamping,” as we are in the woods with amenities.  Hopeful residents need to be flexible about living amongst nature with limited WiFi and sleeping without a bathroom right next door.  See our facilities page for more information.  Currently, Rockland is not ADA approved.  

All residents are expected to utilize the full duration of the program dates by remaining on site and in the mindset of their creative process.  Rockland supports its residents to define this for themselves from taking day trips, naps, hikes, reading, relaxing, exercising, etc.  During residency, Rockland does not allow guests on site, local side gigs, professional networking outside of the program or family visits.  This is a full immersion experience into your creative process.  We offer solitude within an intimate community.

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