March 31, 2023
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The John Fluevog Shoes Emerging Artist* Grant is intended to help emerging artists develop their skills and increase the visibility of their artwork. The winner will receive $10,000 towards their artistic work, a pair of Fluevogs and a heap of recognition within the best community of shoe fans ever!

As makers of unique soles for unique souls since 1970, John Fluevog Shoes has long been a friend to artists of the gifted and aspiring variety. Constantly inspired by the individuals we are fortunate to call ‘Fluevogers’, both admiration and gratitude drive us to support the growth and development of such up-and-coming talent.

The Award is open to a variety of visual artistic media including but not limited to photography, textiles, painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, mixed-media and others. Emerging artists who don’t have access to major funding are encouraged to apply.

Learn more and apply HERE.


- Applicants will be required to create an account at fluevog.com to be able to view and manage their application.
- The 2023 Fluevog Artist Grant submission deadline ends on March 31st, 2023.
- The 2023 grants are for art projects that begin after the grant decision is made and end 6 months afterwards. Grants may not be used for retro-funding.
- A volunteer Advisory Committee will adjudicate the winner.
- Your artwork must follow acceptable community standards. Preference will be given to submissions that are positive, bold and original in spirit. The Fluevog Artist Grant will not support works that exploit an individual’s vulnerability.
- John Fluevog Shoes appreciates the opportunity to make site visits.
- In some cases, we may ask to highlight your project for use in our communications and publications.
- You are also required to acknowledge the funder. Possible wording includes “This project was (partially) funded by John Fluevog Shoes”, or “The artist appreciates funding received from John Fluevog Shoes”. Contact the Grant Facilitator for approved logos.
- Successful applicants will also be required to provide regularly scheduled updates to demonstrate their ongoing progress and document project milestones as necessary
- Everyone who receives an Artist Grant must write a Final Report. The Final Report is meant for you to share stories about your project and to describe your process. Images and/or video documentation of your artwork (whatever its form) must also be included in your Final Report.
- If you’ve read this far, we already think you’re awesome.
- All projects must be completed and final reports submitted within 6 months of award adjudication.
- Although we will not require you to submit receipts, we do ask for a simple account of how you spent your grant money in an expense report. This information is useful for us in designing an effective grant program.
- Grants are not intended to pay for food or personal residence rent. You may build educational costs and capital costs into your project budget. Educational costs include things such as taking a course or purchasing instructional materials. A capital cost is a one-time purchase of a necessary item or equipment that will be used for this and future art projects and does not get ‘used up’ (like paint or clay) in the process of making the art. The sum of both should not exceed $1,000.
- All applicants will be mailed out a tax slip to the address listed on their application.

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