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October 8, 2023
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From Hamilton Street Gallery, Stardust is a juried theme exhibition open to a variety of interpretations.

One of my favorite places to go is the Adirondack Mountains. At over 5,000 feet up, the pine scented air is noticeably cleaner, and with less light pollution, much clearer to view the beautiful scenery. As night falls, millions of stars light up the sky. Some twinkle brilliant white, while others, depending on their temperature, radiate blue, red, orange or yellow. Late summer brings on a burst of celestial activity with meteor showers, disguised as shooting stars. Fascinated, time passes, pinpointing planets and constellations with mythical names and stories like Cassiopeia, forever embodied in a chair. Pointing due North, is Polaris or North Star, a bright yellow super giant that, for centuries, has been a constant beacon guiding explorers and travelers of all kinds to their destinations. Just as it was a reliable resource for escaped slaves finding a safe route north through the Underground Railroad, it is viable today for those lost or seeking asylum. Stargazing our spiral Milky Way has an hypnotic effect on the psyche that seems rather strange, yet familiar.

In 1957, astronomer, Geoffrey Burbridge discovered a good reason for that. He found that our bodies contain an ancient chemical camaraderie with stars, or stardust (as the song goes) —— specifically from the same star or super nova, physically tying all of us to that star and to each other. Our tendency toward narrow-minded thinking restricted in scope and understanding can’t possibly negate the cosmic enormity of that which bonds us together.

Exhibition is open to residents 18 years or older, living in NY, NJ and PA.

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Submission should be either a) emailed to info@hamiltonstgallery.com or b) mailed on a CD rom to Hamilton Street Gallery, P. O. Box 710, Bound Brook, New Jersey 08805

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