RFQ: SEPTA Mural Initiative 2023: Winter-Summer

December 30, 2022
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Mural Arts’ Color Me Back (CMB) program is seeking artists to apply for a mural project to take place over the Winter/Spring 2023, February to June 2023.

The goal of this position is to engage the CMB program staff and participants in the creation of a new public mural in Center City.
As part of the application, artists should write a short statement of no more than 500 words about their interest in this project. While applicants are welcome to use this section to suggest possible projects, it is not required.  Applicants are encouraged to discuss why this project is of interest to them, and how it may fit with their work.

The project will take place for five months and will be based at the CMB Suburban Station Studio; however, the mural locations are outside of Suburban Station.


Since April of 2019, Mural Arts’ same day work and pay program, Color Me Back (CMB) has completed six large mural projects in Suburban Station and the surrounding areas of Center City. The program is currently seeking artists to apply for a 5 month project with the Color Me Back program in the Winter-Spring 2023.

After the close of application period, each application will be reviewed by the Porch Light team members and a selection of staff and participants from CMB. Next a short list of candidates will be contacted for short interviews before the decision is made. The decision will be announced on January 6, 2023.
The goal of this project is to engage the CMB program in the creation of a new public mural project in Center City. The artist's responsibilities will be to develop and facilitate a series of workshops with CMB program participants geared towards teaching art-making skills and gathering content to inform a mural design.

The artist(s) will design a mural and present it to the MAP Design Review team including representatives from SEPTA. Details about what to include in the presentation will be provided.

The artist will work directly with the CMB program participants and assistant artist to produce and install the mural. Interested applicants should be secure about working with participants who are experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, mental health challenges and substance use challenges. Mural Arts and DBH staff will also be on hand to work directly with participants and support the project.

The projects are slated to begin in Winter 2023 and be completed by Summer 2023.  The artist will receive $2,000 per month with the expectation of being on-site at the Suburban Station studio a minimum of two days (Monday-Thursday 8-1pm).

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