PxP Contemporary 2021: Call for Artists

December 31, 2021
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PxP Contemporary is pleased to announce a new call for artists for potential representation, special collections, and exhibition invitations in 2021!
The gallery saw incredible growth this year and they’re excited to continue to build our platform and support more emerging artists in the year ahead. PxP has primarily shown painting, sculpture, prints, photography, digital art, and embroidery in the past but are open to any media and also those who create handcrafted goods for our Maker of the Month collections.

Information and eligibility
  • Artists 18+ working in any medium are welcome to submit work that is currently available for sale and is priced between $100-$2500 retail value. Artist submissions are kept on file and considered as applicants for any future projects and exhibitions.
  • A fine art degree is not required to participate in our open call. This is an open call with no specific theme.
  • Please only enter artworks that would not be reserved by any other gallery or booked for exhibitions within our three-month consignment period if selected. This timeframe is flexible if the artist’s works are chosen solely for an online show with the gallery. If work is selected by our curatorial team, artists will be contacted for additional information, images and also be asked to sign a contract.
  • Artists do not have to only submit works that are currently available for sale. since you should be showing your best work, however, only art that can be purchased on the PxP site will be on exhibition.
  • Gallery artists should prepare quality photographs of each work that will be featured on our website, including images of the sides and details, in order for potential buyers to have a complete visual representation of your piece.
  • On any works sold via our platform, the gallery will charge a 30% commission and the artist will receive 70%. Gallery commission should not be added to the artist’s normal selling price – no exceptions.
  • The buyer of the artwork will cover shipping costs based on a calculated formula of weight and the intended destination.
  • Artists will then be responsible for properly packing the sold work according to our specific instructions and industry standards as well as taking it to a postal location.
  • Artwork will be sold as is with no refunds (hence the emphasis on accurate, high-resolution images of your work). Artists will be paid promptly upon the buyer receiving the piece.
  • All art will be insured when shipping to protect both parties.
  • Works are generally offered unframed unless it is a part of the piece or is requested by the buyer. In this case, extra costs will be coordinated with the client
  • Artist Statement and Artist Biography as a Word Document
  • Artist Resume
  • Up to ten (10) images of completed artworks
  • Please submit only jpg files
  • Images should be no more than 1MB in file size
  • File Name: Images should be titled in the following manner: First Name-Last Name-Art-Title-a number corresponding to the image description sheet (For example: Jane-Doe-Art-Title-01; Jane-Doe-Art-Title-02; etc.)
  • Annotated Image List: Title of work, Dimensions, Medium, Year of Completion, Price
  • A non-refundable submission fee of $10 for up to ten images is required.

Applications will be viewed on a rolling basis until the deadline of December 31st, 2021.
For more information, please visit the PxP website @ www.pxpcontemporary.com
To submit, visit Create! Magazine’s submittable form.

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