Partage: An Exhibition on Scars and Sutures of the Colonial Museum

January 1, 2023
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The Critical Museum Studies Group is seeking submissions from artists for the Exhibition Partage: Separations and Sutures of the Colonial Museum, to take place in the February 2023. In particular, we are interested in artists whose work reacts to, reimagines, and pushes against the ways that people, objects, and geographies are rendered in museum spaces.
Our exhibition name, Partage, comes from the 19th-to early 20th century archaeological practice of dividing collections and splitting objects in half between the host nation and the nation of the extractor, a premise that fractured histories and their representations. We seek artists whose work engages with themes of history and the way it is divided, the inequities of ownership, and new ways of imagining and communicating our past and future. We encourage submissions from up-and-coming Philadelphia-based artists, and are particularly interested in working with and supporting people whose work is often underrepresented in Museum spaces, including artists who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, LATINX, and artists with disabilities.
We are looking for works on canvas, paper, photographs, or installations. Artists will be selected by the Critical Museums Studies Group, and will be awarded a honorarium of $500.
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