Park Towne Place Artist in Residence - Call for Artists 2024

October 29, 2023
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The Park Towne Place Artist in Residence (PTPAIR) program provides an opportunity for visual artists to bring their studio practice to Philadelphia’s museum district. Over the four month residency, selected artists will be able to create, advance, or complete work in close proximity to one of Philadelphia's art hubs.

The PTPAIR program offers artists the space and freedom to experiment with their practice in a new environment. Artists are encouraged to explore new ideas and find inspiration from a change in scenery. As they create, PTPAIRs are encouraged to engage with the Park Towne Place community. This is a chance for dialogue and education as well as a competitive opportunity for artists to meet potential new connections and collectors.

The residency opens with a casual wine and cheese event where the PTPAIR will lead a demonstration of an artistic technique used in their practice. This event offers an opportunity to connect with residents and familiarize them with the type of work to be created. Artists will also have the potential option to host a workshop or class over the course of their residence.

The PTPAIR program culminates with an exhibition that will be presented in the Artist Studio Gallery at Park Towne Place.

Artist Studio & Gallery

What does the program offer?

Applicants for the PTPAIR program at Park Towne Place will be reviewed by members of InLiquid’s Art Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of distinguished leaders, professors, curators, and critics in the Philadelphia art world. Learn more about the committee here: https://inliquid.org/inliquids-art-advisory-committee/

If selected, artists will receive a stipend of $200, 24 hour studio access to a shared studio, weekly studio visits from someone in the InLiquid Programming department, an event thrown in their honor, program promotion by InLiquid, and a 4-month long exhibition at Park Towne Place in the Artist Studio Gallery.

What previous PTPAIRs have said:

I embarked on an artist-in-residency with InLiquid's PTPAIR program at Park Towne Place. With unlimited access to their studio, I had time and solitude to explore new work and push the boundaries of my artistic expression. 

Park Towne Place's commitment to nurturing the arts is evident through their Inliquid curated collection of artwork everywhere, plus the rotating exhibitions enrich and integrate art into the fabric of this community. The support and interactions I had with the inliquid staff were invaluable, and fostered a sense of collaboration that amplified the impact of my studio time here,

In conclusion, the residency broadened my horizons and provided an experience that will continue to resonate in my art.”

- Michelle Marcuse

What are the requirements?

PTPAIRs would be asked to work on campus at least 5 hours a week. And whenever possible to work in places that were easily accessible to the residents (i.e. on the Great Lawn). The residency should produce work that can be exhibited in a traditional gallery space (i.e. wall hung). In addition, PTPAIRs will be asked to post social media content weekly about their residency, and the work that is produced through it.

All artists are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination prior to participation.

How to apply

There is one application deadline for all of the 2024 residencies. The dates of the residency and the period the work will be on display are as follows:

Residency dates:

January 1 - April 30, 2024

May 1 - August 31, 2024

September 1 - December 31, 2024

Exhibition dates (exact dates TBD):

February - May 2024

June - September 2024

October 2024 - January 2025

The application deadline to be considered for participation as one of the 2024 Park Towne Place Artists in Residence is Sunday, October 29, 2023. Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline in order to be considered.

Applicants will be notified by Friday, December 1, 2023 as to the status of their application.

Please submit applications online here: https://airtable.com/shrDHTUQVnUkkqVUW

Applications must include all of the following to be considered:

Artist statement - A brief summary of your current work and vision for future work (200 words or less).

Artist Bio - 200 words or less

Letter of intent - A cover letter explaining why you are interested in the residency and what you hope to accomplish over the 4 months. (200 - 500 words)

Resume or C.V. - Please show academic, artistic, professional, and other relevant experience.

Work samples - 10-20 images of work (300 dpi or larger. File names must be formatted LASTNAME_TITLE)

PTPAIR is open to InLiquid Members ONLY.

For any questions regarding the PTPAIR program please contact Clare Finin at clare@inliquid.org

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