Mural Arts Philadelphia: Office of the City Budget, Artist Residency

January 17, 2023
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Over the last two years, Mural Arts has produced two public art projects about the city budget.
These projects aimed to increase public awareness through popular education on the city’s
budget process and offer a platform for residents to share what the city should fund. Artistic
outcomes included Quilts handmade by residents across the city showing priorities for the
budget, postcards to city council members, a People's Budget Festival, and a series of People's
Budget posters wheat-pasted across the city. The goals of these projects is to advocate,
negotiate, collaborate, and dream of a city budget that is more just, equitable, and sustainable.

Now we invite artists to join us again for the FY24 Budget cycle!
From April to May, the People's Budget Office will open near city hall as a space for city
residents to co-create the People's Budget. We intend for the People's Budget Office to be an
accessible location for residents to learn about the budget from city officials, everyday
Philadelphians, and grassroots groups.

Artists, Researchers, and Activists are invited to participate in two-week residencies during the
installation, visualizing and re-imagining the budget by creating new artwork. Participants can
apply as individuals or as a collaborative team. During their residences, selected residents must
host one public event (workshop, teach-in, performance) focused on an area of the budget and
contribute something lasting to the People's Budget Office. Before the residency, residents will
need to attend a teach-in on the city budget and research their topic area.

The project is created in partnership with the City’s Budget Office and former residents Blanche
Brown and Sam Rise. The Budget Office will run teach-ins on the budget process and provide
important details about the proposed budget. Additionally, they will serve as a liaison to other
offices as needed.

Key dates:
Jan 17: Application due
Jan 25: Artists Announced
Feb - May: Teach-ins and research
Early March: Proposed budget introduced by Mayor Kenny
April: People’s Budget Office Opening

April 1-15: Residency 1
April 15-30: Residency 2
May 1-15: Residency 3
May 15-30: Residency 4

Read more below and reach out to Phoebe.h.bachman@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

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