Media Art Xploration invites applications for MAXmachina lab program

January 15, 2023
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Media Art Xploration (MAX) produces live & immersive arts that harness and interrogate the scientific advances of our times with the goal of bringing artists, scientists, technologists, and audiences where they have never been before and giving thinkers in various disciplines an opportunity to explore and invent the future of our planet and democracy.
To that end, MAX invites storytellers, performers, and creative technologists to submit applications for the 2023 MAXmachina lab program, which supports projects that expand live performance by using science and technology to explore the promise and the peril of our rapidly changing world. Artists and creative teams are invited to submit project proposals for live and interactive works-in-progress. MAX aims to be expansive in how it defines what a generative artist can be, and encourages artists and technologists alike to propose work that challenges dominant modes of categorization, crosses disciplines, and enlivens the connection to live storytelling. Applicants may propose work in dance, music, theater, experimental performance, and media arts that include a live aspect.
In addition to pairing projects with advisors and collaborators when needed, MAX provides residents with development strategies and active production support. MAXmachina projects are chosen for their artistic potential, ability to instill wonder, qualities of aural and visual fascination, diversity of perspective, and emotional and philosophic potency.
The program provides funding of up to $7,500, a seven-month project development period (with one workshop and one final festival presentation), and additional support, including creative development, admin expertise, and production support for workshops and presentations. Selected artists are expected to be in dialogue with MAX and their network of scientific advisors and engineers who are curated to support the development of individual works.
To be eligible, proposals must be for works-in-progress that have not been presented in New York City. This call is open to emerging and mid-career makers, including those who do not traditionally work in live arts.
For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Media Art Xploration website.
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