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September 30, 2023
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Please join us at the InLiquid Gallery on Wednesday, October 18th, from 6:00 - 8:00pm for a critique led by guest critic Christine Pfister. 3 InLiquid member artists (TBD) will be chosen to present 3 newly finished works. They will introduce themselves and their work for five minutes, and then the floor will open up for feedback and discussion for the following 15 minutes.

Following the critique, there will be time for light refreshments and to mingle with fellow artists and Christine.

InLiquid Members can apply to be included in the crit here.

To RSVP to attend the crit, click here.

About the Critic:

Christine Pfister, an esteemed figure in the art world who wears multiple hats as the co-owner and director of Pentimenti Gallery, located in the vibrant art scene of Philadelphia, PA. 

Beyond her role as a gallery professional, Christine's journey has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences that have enriched her understanding of art and culture.

From Europe, she relocated to the United States and pursued an education at Christie's Education in New York, NY.

Pfister has been an active member of several organizations. Her affiliation with the Philadelphia Gallery Society, ArtTable, the Philadelphia Art & Design District, NADA, and CFEVA is a reflection of her commitment to fostering artistic dialogues and commitment to shaping the artistic landscape of Philadelphia.

But her involvement isn't limited to organizational leadership. She is also deeply engaged in philanthropic efforts for nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

In Christine Pfister, we find more than a co-owner and director – we encounter a passionate advocate, a global citizen, and a driving force behind the art world's evolution. Her diverse experiences, memberships, and contributions collectively paint a portrait of a woman deeply committed to the arts in all their forms.

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