In Search of Blue

November 26, 2023
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The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists and designers to submit works of art that in some way address the color blue for their upcoming exhibition, In Search of Blue. Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

It is easy to fall in love with a color. Studying color and understanding its facility requires devotion. Attention and generosity must be paid to making it, to directing the feelings it elicits, to anticipating and discovering its harmonies or discordances with other colors.

Blue, the shortest and most energetic wavelength on the visible color spectrum, holds powerful sway over us. It is attractive, it is calming, but it also holds depths bordering on the sublime. The sky changes, but eternally returns to blue—maybe that lends to the pigment the sky’s immense gravity.

Finding the right blue is a quest—the blue that has the depth of the ocean, that shocks like glacial ice, that reminds us of heaven. Using blue is also a search for blue, for the eternal, for the vast. Blue is a wide and boundless color, one we can get easily get lost in.

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