Call for Entries: Wharton Esherick Museum 29th Annual Juried Woodworking Exhibition

January 6, 2023
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Esherick’s artistic practice is grounded in storytelling. His early, block-printed illustrations helped tell the stories of other writers, while later prints, paintings, and sculptures told stories of Esherick’s life in the Studio and his communities – some funny, some sad, some remarkable, all true. For WEM’s 29th Annual Juried Woodworking Exhibition, we invite you to share an artwork that centers a story that matters to you and incorporates wood in some way. In a nod to the multifaceted modes through which we know Esherick’s story – Personal narrative, archival materials, oral histories, continued research, and WEM’s community – we look forward to seeing entries that range from pictorial to abstract and which may draw from different storytelling modalities, including visual, written, and aural. Whether your story’s roots are personal, familial, cultural, or historical, well-known or little heard, we hope that you will share your creative voice and vision with us!
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