Call for Artists for Public Art Project in City of Norwich, CT

September 8, 2023
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The City of Norwich Public Art Committee (NPAC) is looking for artists to share design concepts for a public art project to be located on the roundabout at Franklin Square in downtown Norwich, CT.

This public art feature will be a hybrid installation made up of permanent infrastructure that will be utilized for temporary and changing art, such as digital technology, 3-D art, sculptures, etc.

The city is looking for concepts for a permanent structure – tree, support, base, or sculpture - to be located on the center of the Franklin Square roundabout – with a changeable display element for temporary art installations, such as projections, lighting, colors, etc. Temporary elements allow for the artwork to be changed to be relevant, timely and community-oriented based on themes, such as celebrations, local/national events, timely topics, holidays, unity, etc.

The artwork will be installed on the roundabout and must be confined to that space. Concepts should be mindful of the vehicular traffic around the roundabout. Minimizing the footprint of the permanent structure should be considered and is strongly encouraged.  Electricity and water are available.

Total budget for creation, manufacturing and installation of structure and elements for changeable art is $25,000.

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