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August 10, 2023
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The Porch Light Department at Mural Arts Philadelphia is seeking an Art Educator and Muralist to engage with the community at COMHAR. Based primarily in Kensington, COMHAR transforms the lives of the most vulnerable among us living with chronic and complex behavioral health challenges and intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are first seeking an art educator who will offer recurring workshops to individuals with mental illness who are participating in rehabilitative programming at one of COMHAR’s CIRCs (Community Integrated Recovery Centers). Secondly, we are seeking a muralist to complete a public artwork that is co-created with COMHAR’s community. For this RFP, we will consider applicants who are interested in 1.) only offering workshops at COMHAR, and 2.) leading both workshops and a mural project. We will prioritize finding an art educator who has lived experience or experience working with adults with mental illness or in recovery. If this person does not have the background or desire to lead a mural project, we will then put out another RFP to find a muralist who can collaborate with the art educator.

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