Call for Art-ConTEXT II

May 19, 2023
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Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, ConTEXT II.

JPEGs due by Friday, May 19, 2023 at midnight (MST). Over $1,200 in cash prizes. All accepted pieces will be displayed in our online gallery at www.art-fluent.com. Visit https://www.art-fluent.com/context2-prospectus for a full prospectus.

Words can connect with people personally and emotionally and, when combined with visual elements, can create a powerful impact. Text can convey a message or express an idea through written words, letters, numbers, or symbols. The use of text in art is a powerful tool that can add depth, meaning, and emotion to a piece. Whether it's used to express a message, provide additional context, or as a visual element, text can allow a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Show us ConTEXT from your perspective.

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