Brandywine Workshop and Archives Local residency/Libby Newman Fellowship

April 1, 2023
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About Libby Newman:
Libby Newman BFA ‘80 at the University of the Arts in Printmaking, a government arts advocate and spokesperson, the founding director and curator of the University City Science Center Art Gallery (Esther M. Klein Gallery). Curator for Governor Thornberg. Her work is in the collection of over 32 museums and libraries around the world. She was given the honor as being selected to be A Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania.
Residency Eligibility Requirements and Goals:
The goals of the residency is make it possible for artist living in the Philadelphia area to make an edition of original fine art prints and gain a workshop experience that advances their studio practice and professional careers. The Fund, approximately $1,200 a year, is given to a local artist not currently enrolled in an University Program, for an residency at Brandywine Workshop and Archives. All projects must include some use of the print medium or printing process,- screen printing, relief, or offset lithography using photo-sensitive aluminum plates or a combination of processes. The money is provided to cover the costs for materials and the master printer and assistants. The project should be accomplished during the months of April to October of the Fund receiving year. Visual artist of any medium can apply.

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