Arcadia Public Art Residency

September 15, 2023
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Arcadia University's Public Art Project (APAP) invites artists and scholars focused on creative intervention in the public realm to develop creative, community focused projects rooted in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Through the work of resident artists we aim to build bridges between the diverse communities that call Glenside home, in the service of contributing to a more connected, sustainable, and equitable community.

The project draws on the resources of the Glenside community. The political and business leadership of Glenside and Cheltenham township enthusiastically support the project and are committed to working collaboratively and supporting the Resident Artist/Scholar.

Resident Artist/Scholars will work with a cohort of student apprentices, under the umbrella of the Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Studies. Residents also work with the Project Coordination Team, which facilitates relationships between Glenside community stakeholders and relevant University resources. The Residency takes place over the course of an academic year. In the fall, the Resident Artist/Scholar begins the community research phase of their project and delivers a virtual artist lecture to introduce themselves to the Arcadia-Glenside community. Working with the Project Coordination Team, the general contours of the project are developed. Necessary resources and permissions are established. In the spring semester, student apprentices work with the Resident to bring the project to reality.

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