2023 SUMMER JURIED SHOW - Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist

May 1, 2023
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Abington Art Center is excited to present a call for submissions for the 2023 Summer Juried Show: Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist.

The theme for this summer's juried exhibition asks artists to focus on ethnicity. Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist challenges artists to explore what ethnicity means personally versus how ethnicity represents you in the greater culture. This exhibition is open to all mediums and all interpretations.

Ethnicity can express a shared culture such as language, worldview, and value systems of a particular social group. A person's identity and personal enculturation/acculturation experience often shape their orientation to the world and how it is seen from their eyes. Artists have an uncanny ability to bring to life a perspective that can frame or deconstruct these arrangements in a visual way. This challenges the viewer to reflect on, and see beyond attitudes and boundaries that have been formed previously within the greater culture. Artists have the ability to creatively illustrate how ethnicity, just as language, is an evolution that is constantly shifting.

What is the boundary between identity and ethnicity and how do they coexist?

Do we get to dictate our identity or ethnicity?

How does personal experience regarding the intersection of racial and ethnic identity influence your work as an artist?

What values tie you to your cultural heritage?

Please submit up to 3 works by May 1st to the link below. Our panel of jurors will review your submissions and let you know which pieces we will be showing by May 9th. Exhibition opens June 9th and will run until July 24th. We look forward to seeing your submissions!
Learn more about our jurors for this show!

Erika Land, M.A.
Ethnographer, Artist, Educator

Nina Guzman
Executive Director Alianzas De Phoenixville

Cheryl Harper
Artist and Independent Curator

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