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Park Towne Place

During her 2023 residency at Park Towne Place, Philadelphia-based artist Krista Svalbonas expanded her practice to further investigate architecture’s relationship to cultural identity, ideas of home, and migration. Svalbonas’ cultural background as an ethnically Latvian/Lithuanian artist informs this interest. Her connection to this history has made Svalbonas acutely aware of the impact of politics on architecture and, in turn, on a people’s daily lived experience. This exhibition highlights several recent bodies of work focusing on the history of the Baltic states surrounding WWII.

About the Artist

Krista Svalbonas holds a BFA in Photography and an MFA in Interdisciplinary studies. Her work has been internationally shown and included in numerous permanent collections. Svalbonas lives and works in Philadelphia, where she is an associate professor of photography at St. Joseph’s University. 


The Park Towne Place Artist in Residence (PTPAIR) program provides an opportunity for visual artists to bring their studio practice to Philadelphia’s museum district. Over the four month residency, selected artists will be able to create, advance, or complete work in close proximity to one of Philadelphia's art hubs. The PTPAIR program offers artists the space and freedom to experiment with their practice in a new environment. Artists are encouraged to explore new ideas and find inspiration from a change in scenery. As they create, PTPAIRs are encouraged to engage with the Park Towne Place community. This is a chance for dialogue and education as well as a competitive opportunity for artists to meet potential new connections and collectors.


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