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Park Towne Place

Please join us on July 23rd at Park Towne Place Museum District Residences for an artist talk with Linda Brenner.
Linda Brenner’s art is about working. She makes sculpture to satisfy the need to make marks. It is a ritual for her. Concern for craftsmanship and its relationship to process has become the spiritual expression of her art.
In her talk, she will discuss her most recent body of work. It includes the carving of city trees that have been cut down and discarded, recycling the wood to give these beloved trees an extended life – now as sculpture. The carvings are inspired by and become a remembrance of the places from which they fell. The forms are the result of her ongoing exploration of growth patterns found in leaves, flowers, and human anatomy.
InLiquid’s Artist Talk events at Park Towne Place are a series of up-close encounters with local artists, which connect communities with ongoing artistic research across a range of media and ideas. We look forward to seeing you at this public event!
A note for anyone arriving by car: spots may be available in Park Towne’s ‘Retail Parking’ behind South Tower, or along the street as you enter Park Towne from 22nd Street. If neither is available, we recommend Patriot Parking Garage at 139 North 23rd street.


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