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Park Towne Place

Constance Culpepper‘s Artist Statement:
My artwork is about personal connection – to each other, to the space around us, and to the things within it. I use color in my collages to represent life and emotion, and to create make-believe places. They are dreamlike worlds I fill with pattern, shape and semi-recognizable objects that inspire me to think and dream. I hope the ambiguity in my work allows the viewer to find their own story in it.
Artist Bio:
Philadelphia artist Constance Culpepper studied psychology and studio art at Southern Methodist University (B.A.) and received an M.A. in Clinical Developmental Psychology from Bryn Mawr College. Her collective work is a depiction of domesticity and the commonalities of personal experience, informed from her background in psychology and her itinerant childhood in rural Texas and Southern Louisiana – filled with antiques, American quilts, and strong women.
Culpepper’s paintings were featured at Select Fair Art Basel Miami 2013 and 2014, and at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Headquarters. She recently worked as an archivist at the Barnes Foundation, cataloging the foundation’s photography collection, and designed an art history program for the Lower Merion School District of Southeastern Pennsylvania, where she served as Artist-in-Residence. In 2018, Culpepper interned with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, painting murals in the East Falls and South Philly neighborhoods. She is Director Emeritus of Philadelphia’s 3rd Street Gallery.


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