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Park Towne Place

InLiquid and Park Towne Place present Circadian Rhythm, an exhibition of rhythmic abstract art that relates to the human form, mirroring the hand and mind that created them. The exhibit features the work of artists Colleen McCubbin Stepanic, David Slovic, Leora Brecher, and Melanie Serkes.
Leora Brecher creates white clay sculptures inspired by dualities found in nature. The forms recall ice, rocks, and fossils, while containing the pulsing energy of a living thing. They reveal the dynamic tension between simplicity and complexity, movement and stasis, turmoil and tranquility, and light and shadow.
Colleen McCubbin Stepanic is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates three-dimensional wall hanging pieces by sewing together strands of torn paintings. Handmade and labor intensive, she stitches the materials into spirals that grow into an organic composition. Although abstract, the curves, shapes, and visual weight of the artwork relate to the human form.
Melanie Serkes uses repetition as a tool to create visual movement. By stacking similar lines, angles, and shapes, she brings a lightness and animation to her bronze sculptures that is unusual to the heavy medium.
David Slovic makes complex artwork by repeating small gestures, building up a piece around a single starting point. The work is an investigation into ideas of material, time, abstraction, and movement. His process emphasizes a constant return to a theme, and reflects the psychology of the human condition.


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