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Park Towne Place

Inspired by climate systems and the ever-changing landscape, the five artists of Material Time evaluate and deconstruct patterns and forms found in nature. Working with materials and processes that are both natural and human, each artist offers ways of being-with environments, acting as both witnesses and agents of transformation.

Employing unfired clay, soil, and natural pigments, artists Rebecca Schultz and Rachel J. Eng source directly from the environment, engaging the local community and Earth’s geologic history. Reclaimed plastics, salvaged wood, and synthetic imitations of nature are repurposed in installations by Jazmyn Crosby, Jessica Demcsak, and Natalie Kuenzi, softening the boundaries between abstraction and representation, interdependence and survival. 

Participatory works invite audiences to engage more deeply, as in Rebecca Schultz’s Timefulness, created from earth pigments sourced with community members, or through interactive videos and augmented reality, encountered amidst a field of artificial turf.

In the wake of altered climate systems and human disruption, Material Time serves as a catalyst for contemplation, urging individuals to consider their relationship and their role within an ever-changing environment.

Curatorial note: After the exhibition, InLiquid will honor the spirit of this exhibition and the 40 Parallel North Preservation Brigade by making every effort possible to responsibly rehome, reuse, and recycle the exhibition design elements of Material Time. 


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