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Park Towne Place

During her 2024 residency at Park Towne Place, Venezuelan artist Edith Zapata explores the dichotomy of memory and change. Using the experiences of her last visit to her hometown, Edith tells the story of the place she remembers and the place she encountered. Caracas, even though stuck in time, is no longer the same. Come see some of her finished work and works in process, and hear more about her thoughts, techniques, and inspiration.

About Edith Zapata

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Edith is a well-rounded multimedia artist. Her paintings are a vibrant field of thought, feelings, and interesting interpretations of the everyday. There is a constant presence of organic forms staged in an abstract world that she beautifully captures on brilliant canvases with her minimalist visions juxtaposed with enormous colors. She has forged countless fascinating and entertaining pieces. With a degree in visual communication, Edith worked for 10 years as a graphic designer, mainly producing print media and corporate identity for large and medium-sized brands. After emigrating from Venezuela in 2017, she decided to dedicate more time to her personal art, creating murals, paintings, digital works, and textiles. She considers her work an expression of the force of nature and the human experience. Edith hopes that her work inspires others to reflect on the world around them with a naturally visceral sensitivity.



The Park Towne Place Artist in Residence (PTPAIR) program provides an opportunity for visual artists to bring their studio practice to Philadelphia’s museum district. Over the four-month residency, selected artists will be able to create, advance, or complete work in close proximity to one of Philadelphia's art hubs. The PTPAIR program offers artists the space and freedom to experiment with their practice in a new environment. Artists are encouraged to explore new ideas and find inspiration from a change in scenery. As they create, PTPAIRs are encouraged to engage with the Park Towne Place community. This is a chance for dialogue and education as well as a competitive opportunity for artists to meet potential new connections and collectors.


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