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Park Towne Place

InLiquid and Park Towne Place Museum District Residences are pleased to present Natural Wonder, featuring Leo Hylan, Laura Krasnow, Jenny Lynn, Caroline Elizabeth Savage, and Keith Sharp. Guest curated by Amie Potsic, this exhibition is inspired by nature and our inescapable desire to reveal and reimagine our surroundings through the photographic image. Each artist uses a unique approach and singular photographic eye to perceive, question, manipulate, and affect nature.  
The photographic works in Natural Wonder point to an artistic process that is simultaneously directed and receptive while rooted in a certainty of existence beyond our first impression. These artists create a space for nature to reveal itself so it can offer an invitation to be reimagined. Because their perspectives are open to seeing something new in a familiar landscape, their work bears witness to revelation and a multi-layered connection between humanity and the natural world.

Natural Wonder
is a part of the Parkway 100’s Connections and Collections Centennial Celebration. This exhibition features art and collections of objects inspired by the permanent collection at Park Towne Place Museum District Residences.
InLiquid events at Park Towne Place Museum District Residences are part of a series of ongoing art programming and are free and public.


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