Tempestuous Union | acrylic and paint pen on canvas with wood base, 25" x 26" x 10"
Soliloquy | acrylic and paint pen and oil stick on canvas with wooden support, 24.5" x 27.5" x 9"
Nonsensical Flash | acrylic and paint pen and oil stick on canvas with wooden support, 25" x 29" x 10"
Unpretentious | acrylic and oil stick on canvas with wooden base, 19" x 15" x 7.5"
Untitled | acrylic on canvas with wood support, 14" x 16" x 6.5"
Solar | acrylic, paint pen on canvas, 14" x 18.5" x 8"
Think | acrylic on canvas, 34" x 16" x 8"
Koko | acrylic paint on ropes, 9" x 30" x 7.5"
Juju | acrylic paint on rope, 9" x 55" x 7"
Sphon Poem | acrylic paint on rope, 25" x 44" x 9"
Arrival | acrylic paint on rope, 11" x 19" x 4"
Cain and Abel, acrylic, paint pen on rope | canvas and wood, 13" x 17" x 5"
Hidden | mixed media on Bainbridge board, 8" x 10"
Solitude | mixed media on Bainbridge board, 8" x 10"
Social Construct | acrylic on wood, leather and comb, 15" x 15" x 6.5"
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Member Portfolio

G. Farrel Kellum

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Statement

This series of work by G. Kellum challenges the rear view perspective of artistic expression and dives into the world of urban aesthetics, as we know it. It also explores the possibilities present in spiritual and psychological practices. Look then, look again. As we move toward the future the images grow more familiar with each truth they unveil. This then becomes a series that grows with time.
What first appears as a contemporary signpost for modern urban life is actually an archeological dig into our perceptions about these polychromatic structures that are presented by Glen’s work. Do we see the African designs interwoven into the fabric of this series? Therein lies the complexity of this work. Those who have experienced this journey into cultural perception will recognize these references while others will experience something more visual. These concepts are applied through the use of bold colors and marks in these three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms. His use of mixed media and materials plays into more ideas of passage and a broken heritage in the work.

Artist Biography

Glenn was drawn to architecture and illustration for its discipline and structure. Eventually, Glenn was confronted with the fact that architecture was 10 percent drawing and 80 percent mathematics. Abandoning architecture, illustration became Glenn’s focal point, giving him a clear perspective on the direction he wanted to steer his art practice. Very early on, Glenn discovered the importance of black and white visual elements as a personal guide when approaching polychromic structure. During this period, he became more liberated when he encountered the works of Sam Gilliam and Isamu Noguchi. These and other like-minded artist have influenced his work but the biggest influence came from his experience with Buddhism and Taoism. These have had a profound effect on the way
Glenn sees things.
Glenn was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1947 and was the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters. After serving in the military for 2 years, he attended the Philadelphia College of Art (PCA), which is now The University of the Arts, and graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 1977. Glenn had his first exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania upon graduating from the university. He has been represented by the Sandy Webster Gallery and Art Jazz Gallery. Glenn has also been part of several prominent group exhibitions including those at the Delaware Contemporary and the Woodmere Museum. In 2018 his work was showcased in an exhibition curated by Design Philadelphia in the BOK Building. He currently has an artist studio in the BOK Building in South Philadelphia where he works.


Philadelphia College of Art
BFA in Illustration


Patricia McGovern Gorchov and Robert Gorchov, Ph.D., Philadelphia, PA
Fae Dussart, Ph.D, and Mischa Gorchov Brearly, London, UK
Dr. and Mrs. M. Davis, Tucson, AZ
Mr. and Mrs. Jermaine Turner, Executive Director of Disney ABC Television Group, Burbank, CA
Eric Coleman, Owner and CFO, Child and Family Solutions, Sicklerville, NJ
Mr. Michael Joye, Kilkenny, Ireland


Previous Representation
1996 - 1999
represented by The Sande Webster Gallery


Solo and Two-Person
Urban Aesthetic, University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA
The Color of the Beat, Urban Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
An Exhibition of Abstracts, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA
Passages: Selected Sculpture of G. Farrel Kellum, TURN Corporate Offices of Phillip Lord, Esq., Philadelphia, PA
Color of the Beat: Visual Impressions, The Blue Spot Gallery and Club, Atco, NJ
New Works, Art Jazz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Monthly Exhibition, Art Jazz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Anthropology, Psychology, and Philosophy, La Colombe, Philadelphia, PA
Anaoe Branca Exhibicao, Gallery 22, Philadelphia, PA
Works on Paper, W.E.B. Dubois Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Let's Connect, The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
AIA Design Philadelphia Exhibition, BOK Building, Philadelphia, PA
Fundraiser Exhibition for Theater Exile BOK Building, Philadelphia, PA
Group Exhibition, Philadelphia Sketch Club, BOK Building, Philadelphia, PA
Fundraiser Exhibition for Philadanco, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA
In Search of Missing Masters, Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: W. Douglas Pascal
Philadelphia Collects: Works on Paper, The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington, DE
Curator: Susan Isaacs, Ph.D
Visual Metaphors, Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Group Exhibition, Salon des Amis, Malvern, PA
Group Exhibition, Salon des Amis, Malvern, PA
Juried Exhibition, Mt. Airy Art League, Philadelphia, PA
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