Can and Will, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24"
Building My Case, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 48"
Breathing with the Moon, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"
Brain Racking, acrylic on paper, 20" x 16"
Background Music, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"
Stay Thirsty My Friends, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 20"
One Breath of Fresh Air, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30"
Nobody Said I Couldn't, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30"
Marriage of Minds, acrylic on canvas, diptych, each piece 30" x 24"
Long Answer to a Short Question, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"
Hungry Hearts, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24"
Either And, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30"
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Member Portfolio

Gwen Gunter

Atlanta, GA


Artist's Biography

Gwen Gunter’s career encompasses both fine and commercial arts. Her art practice spans representational portraiture and landscapes as well as the geometric minimalism of her current work. A graphic artist, illustrator, photographer and successful entrepreneur, she created a line of functional art items for the home decor, gift and apparel industries. Today Gunter is a full-time painter based near Atlanta, Georgia. She works in acrylic on wood, paper and canvas, most often in series of a dozen or more paintings per collection.
Gunter earned a B.A. from Columbia College with further study at the Atlanta College of Art and Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta).

Artist's Statement

My art practice brings a freshness to organic geometric abstraction that pays homage to the forebearers of minimalism and hardedge painting. My shapes are pure yet playful and are energized by curved as well as straight lines that move over and through the composition. Moving to abstraction from objective painting, shapes emerged that brought with them an unexpected vocabulary and meaning. Originally two shapes in opposition, informed by carefully selected color, these shapes have become the impetus for my painting practice.The work continues to evolve as line becomes an increasingly important element in the dialogue.
This series of shape, line and color is developed thru a process of arranging and rearranging the elements until a balance is achieved that both answers an underlying question and poses new queries of relationship and “what if” possibilities. The process is both mystical and deliberate and has become meditative in its execution. The challenge of discovery in all that is possible within these minimalist parameters keeps me engaged and searching.

Selected Exhibitions

Congruence, I Like Your Work Podcast, Online
Juror: Bridgette Mayer
Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition, Decatur, GA
Jurors: Jerushia Graham, Lauri Jones, Kevin Shipp
Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show, Cambridge, MA
Juror: Sharon Butler
Escape Ism, The Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY
Curator: Katharine Dufault
Loss Redemption and Grace, EBD4 Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Jurors: Jerry Cullum, Teresa Bramlette REeves
the New South 4, Kai Lin Art, Atlanta, GA
Jurors: Lisa Hart, Todd Anderson
22nd International Open, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
Juror: Dolores Mercado
Yellow, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Athens, GA
Juror: Kevin Sipp
Geometry, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Juror: Phyllis Tuchman
Show Your Paper, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
Juror: Kathryn Markel
The New South III, Kai Lin Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Jurors: Justin Rabideau, Larry Jens Anderson
27th Annual Juried Competition, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY
Juror: Karen Wilkin
31st September Competition, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA
Juror: William U. Eiland, Director of the Georgia Museum of Art
Dream National Juried Exhibition, ARC Gallery SF, San Francisco, CA
Juror: James Bacchi
Georgia Artists, Abernathy Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
Jurors: Michi Meko, Laura Bell, Laura Hathaway
Black & White International Juried Exhibition, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn ,NY
Juror: Rosario Guiraldes
LaGrange Southeast Regional, LaGrange Museum, LaGrange, GA
Juror: David Houston
Little Things, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Curator: Marianne Lambert
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY
Juror: Laura Phipps, Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of Art
9th Annual Juried Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY
Juror: Stuart Shils
Gathered, MOCA GA, Atlanta, GA
Jurors: Masud Olufani, Rocio Rodriguez, Jerry Siegel
Juried Art Exhibition, Callanwolde Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Juror: Susan Bridges
Rocky Mountain National Water Media Show, Golden, CO
Juror: Katherine Chang Liu
LaGrange Southeast Regional, LaGrange Museum, LaGrange, GA
Juror: Deanna Sirlin


Columbia College, Columbia, SC
BA, English, Psychology
Continuing Education
Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA
Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA
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