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Member Portfolio

Richard W. Gretzinger

Philadelphia, PA


Artist Biography

R.W. Gretzinger Vulnerability Project
Ever since I could remember I was always attracted to people and places, but I was not always good with words or finding connection. Photography was my way of fitting in--my way to communicate the beauty I see around me. I’ve traveled the world documenting all types of subjects and experienced many extraordinary people and places. Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed some very tough situations. Through these experiences I’ve discovered that our connection to each other is through art, not language, science or math (although those are also important). The most basic mode for communicating our awesomeness can be found in music, dance, food, architecture or in a statue, a painting, a photograph.
The subject of my newest work is vulnerability. This is not a mid-life crisis, although sometimes it feels that way. It’s an attempt to explore the types of reactions, conversations and connections that I receive as a response to being open and vulnerable about myself and my photography. So far I have been very overwhelmed with the responses I have received and the amazing individuals I have met.
I have photographed many different people from all walks of life, and I will continue because I am finding that photography is just the means for connection. What is most fulfilling is the process--the one-on-one dialogues, the intimate conversations about life, fears, regrets, love and joy. I find myself traveling down the path Emerson, Alcott and Thoreau have paved because I have been transformed. I see so much beauty in this world and in each person I connect with. So, as I continue my work I am revealing more about myself and the way my art affects people around me.
Part of me being vulnerable with my photography is to allow a place for others to comment and continue the conversation. At a recent gallery show I included a way for this to happen--a mirror, some pens and some post-it notes. To my surprise, the reactions and the thoughts on what is most vulnerable were many. Some of the notes brought me to tears. It was the second time in my life that I felt like an artist and my work affected others.

Professional Experience

United Way Marketing Committee, United Way of Southeast PA
The Lightroom, Photography Co-op
Board of Directors
Photography Without Boarders
Board of Directors
Multicultural Youth Exchange
Board of Directors, Photojournalist and youth councilor
Philadelphia Youth Network
Youth Against Violence Teaching Specialist
Youth Violence Video Conference Facilitator
Philly CAM
Lighting and Green-screen Workshop Instructor
New Jersey Teen Arts Festival
Key Speaker
Graphic and web/interactive media designer/programmer
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Film and Video Field Teaching Assistant
Freelance photography specializing in travel, photojournalism, culinary, landscape, architecture, and wildlife and portraiture


The Vulnerability Project, The Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA
The Vulnerability Project, Project HOME, Philadelphia, PA
The Vulnerability Project, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Annual Group Show, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Annual Group Show, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Homeward, Lightroom Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2010 - 2014
Annual Group Show, Lightroom Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
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