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Jonas Dos Santos’ Americas: To Whom It May Concern

July 2, 1982
Judith Stein

A writer and curator, studied at Barnard College, and has a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Eye of the Sixties, Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art, (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2016). Her curatorial projects include Red Grooms, A Retrospective, for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and The Figurative Fifties, New York School Figurative Expressionism, co-curated with Paul Schimmel. Her exhibition, I Tell My Heart: The Art of Horace Pippin, traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1995, and earned a best catalogue award from AICA/USA. Her articles, interviews and reviews have appeared in Art in America, Art News, and The New York Times Book Review, as well as on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air and Morning Edition. Among her honors is a Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant; a Pew Fellowship for literary non-fiction; and a Lannan Foundation writing residency in Marfa, Texas.

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In many ways, his use of ritual, natural and recycled materials and theatrical costumes was shaped by the primitive religious celebrations and fanciful carnival garb of his native country.

Jonas dos Santos was born in Recife, the oldest city in Brazil, In 1947. He attended the Atelier de Artes Livres, Recife, and received the B.A. degree from the Escola de Arte, Recife in 1968. From 1968 to 1972 he studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. He is the co-founder of both the Uniao Visual Studies, Recife (1969), and The Bird and the Dirt, Inc., which began in Washington in 1971.
Grants for performances were awarded in 1975 from the Secretaria de Cultura de S. Paulo, Brazil and in 1977 from Fundacao de Arte de Pernambuco, Brazil. In 1979 dos Santos was awarded a Gold Medal from the Museu de Arte Contemporanea, Olinda, Brazil. A National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant for Performance was awarded to him in 1981.
The Bird and the Dirt, the performance group co-founded by Jonas dos Santos in 1971, received its name in an inspired fashion. Dressed in elaborate yet primitive costumes, the artist and a friend one day staged an impromptu performance at an exhibition of paintings of national parks and American landscapes at the National Collection of Fine Arts, in Washington, D.C. After observing the two and their organic attire, an elderly gallery visitor came up to them, and pointing first to one and then the other, said: “Oh, I see, you’re the bird, and you’re the dirt in the American parks.”
A pioneer of performance art, Jonas dos Santos began to work with costumes and installations while still an art student in Brazil in the late 1960’s. In many ways, his use of ritual, natural and recycled materials and theatrical costumes was shaped by the primitive religious celebrations and fanciful carnival garb of his native country. An early proponent of video art, dos Santos included video tapes in his special project for the 1975 S. Paulo Bienial.
His Morris Gallery installation, Americas: To Whom It May Concern, is a dazzling visual narrative of the peoples of North, Central and South America. A Post Office of the Americas, constructed from lengths of blue-picket fence, serves as a collection point for postcards filled out by gallery visitors. The prominent use of the color green is an allusion to the importance of the Amazon jungle, which provides 1/5 of the world’s supply of oxygen. Using humble materials and vivid, representational images dos Santos creates a work of power and resonance, which addresses the timely issues of inter-American friendship and the perils of nuclear war.
Judith Stein: Coordinator, Morris Gallery
“The Postcard Ritual” A Performance at the Morris Gallery Thursday, July 1, 1982
Jonas dos Santos will give an informal gallery talk on his installation July 23, 1982.
Jonas dos Santos
Michael Gessner

Special Guests:
Alice Farley
Michael Gessner
Technical Director:
Link Harper

Special Thanks to all those who helped with this exhibition:
Sandra D. Rizen, Dot French, Glenda Frye, Brandywine Graphic Workshop, Mary Klaus, Barbara Sosson Design

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Special guest participant, XIII International Bienal, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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