Call to Artists: Collage & Folklore Residency: Knoxville

February 19, 2022
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During the Folklore & Collage Residencies, artists identify stories from communities and make art which activates these stories. Prior to arrival in Knoxville, artists will meet once virtually to meet one another and to discuss how to select the folklore on which they will focus during the residency.
During the residency, residents will make artwork (a collage or series of collages) which will be shown in exhibition at MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar, Scotland in September 2023 as part of the Celebration of Folklore. Artists will also be invited to present their work at a panel at Kolaj Fest New Orleans in June 2023. After the residency, artists will be invited to submit 3-5 collages and a statement for inclusion in a book about folklore that will be published by Kolaj Institute in 2024.
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