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This year, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST), a two-week event held every October in Philly, has included so many of our member artists. We are so happy to have artists so involved in the community participate in these tours.
The first tour takes place on Saturday October 12th in South Philadelphia. The members involved are as follows: Alyse C. Bernstein, Amie Potsic, Bhavisha Patel, Brooke Lanier, Debra Devor, Gerri Spilka, Joan Wadleigh Curran, Judy Gelles, Krista Dedrick Lai, Kristin Schattenfield-Rein, Linda Dubin Garfield, Maria R. Schneider, Marilyn MacGregor, Phyllis Gorsen, and Terri Saulin.
The next day, October 13th, takes place in Northeast Philly. Involved are: Barbara Gesshel, Bill Brookover, Dianne Koppisch Hricko, Heather Ossandon, Henry Bermudez, Jean Broden, Jeannie Moberly, Jenn Hallgren, Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Lynn Manzella, Joyce Barker Schwartz, Jude Lang, Karen Freedman, KEEBS (Makeba Rainey), Kristin Osgood Lamelas, Mark Price, Matthew Hall, Michelle Marcuse, Patrick Coughlin, Paula Cahill, Rachel Citrino, Robert Zurer, Ruth Miller, and Wendee Yudis.
The next weekend takes place in Northwest and West Philly. On October 19th in Northwest Philly are members Bettina Clowney, Colleen Keefe, Denise Philipbar, Donna Quinn, Dora Ficher, Gina Michaels, Hanna Vogel, John Howell White, Leah Macdonald, Lyn Godley, Matthew Courtney, Melissa Maddonni Haims, Nancy Agati, Nancy E.F. Halbert. The next day on October 20th, Mary Henderson will be in West Philly.
That’s 53 members! Congrats to everyone involved and we hope you can make it to see these artists in action.
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