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May 15, 2020

Cheryl Levin – Grief as a Journey During COVID-19

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Elizabeth Roan

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InLiquid Artist member Cheryl Levin approaches COVID-19 with some experience. Learn how she has been remaining creative, and experiencing this time as a journey.
What are you doing to keep sane during this time?
I’ve been going out in my garden and drawing the plants for relaxation in the morning with a cup of coffee. The sun is there and feels good not to worry about making something that’s worthy.
Do you have any movie or TV recommendations?
I read a lot about death because my husband died in 2012. But I am reading a book about Wabi-Sabi right now called Simply Imperfect by Robyn Griggs Lawerence.
Tell us about your usual studio practices.
Yes, it’s been an opportunity to work more. I enjoy solitude and have wanted more of it before all this happened with COVID-19. I’m choosing to embrace this time. It’s like a long snow day. You know, when the snow is falling and all is quiet. The only problem now is that people are dying, yet we’re all stressed about money and our friends and family and the whole wide world. But my current work is about grief so sharing this collective grief, anxiety, and fear with people has been advantageous for me.
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