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Art for the Cash Poor
September 27, 2023

An Artist Vendor Sneak Peek: Art For the Cash Poor 2023

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Zoe Cudney

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Art for the Cash Poor, InLiquid’s annual art fair, brings together a wide array of artists from diverse backgrounds and voices. Usually, this celebration of the emerging and established talents of our region happens during the spring. This year, due to the poor air quality caused by the Canadian Wildfires, Art for the Cash Poor was rescheduled. We are excited for you to join us for a fall day of art and craft-making demonstrations, workshops, and more.

There are a wide variety of vendors at this year’s Art for the Cash Poor, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek of who and what you can look forward to seeing on Saturday, October 7th!

Juicebox Workshop

When artist Julie “Juicebox” Woodard isn’t in the city of Philadelphia, she can be found hiking mountain trails and enjoying vast natural landscapes which provide inspiration for her work. Julie sources salvaged textiles and other found materials to create wearable pieces, impressionistic landscapes, and abstract terrains. Her use of repurposed materials began as a way to honor her late mom through bringing new life to family heirlooms. Julie also creates commissioned works using personal artifacts provided by clients. 

Anthony Romero

Ceramicist Anthony Romero creates pieces which balance playfulness and humor with precision and practicality. Many of his works combine bulbous forms with delicate details. What if your vase were to lean at a seemingly precarious tilt when set in the center of your table? Or what if the handle of your perfectly smooth mug appeared to be held on with zip ties and bungee cords? Anthony’s appreciation of the whimsical and otherworldly is apparent in his ceramics. 

Erika L. Illustrations

Philadelphia-native Erika Richards draws upon a love for the female figure, fairy tales and history to create illustrations which emphasize and amplify black women. Erika aims to demonstrate the grandeur and majesty of black women in her work. Drawing upon stories which have historically neglected or rejected black bodies, her personal and powerful pieces bring those who have been silenced to the forefront to be honored and revered. 

Brick & Wire

Lia Huntington’s jewelry art incorporates materials sourced from large-scale, industrial sites, generally devoid of active human presence. For Lia, these places, and the inspiration she gathers from them, reflect the relationships people have with the landscape, and the traces we leave behind after we have gone. She thinks of her pieces as moveable art, offering a reminder to the wearer of their presence and journey. Currently based in Philadelphia, Lia draws upon all of the places which she has lived in from Kentucky and Indiana to Maine and Massachuesetts.  

Join us along the 1400 + 1500 blocks of North American Street anytime between noon and 6pm to meet these and many more incredible local artists!

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