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May 8, 2020

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InLiquid Artist Marilyn MacGregor is creating a lot of art and posting sketches from her daily sketch diary on her Facebook and Instagram during the stay-at-home order due to COVID-19.
What are you doing to keep sane during this time?
Keeping a daily sketch diary and sharing it on FB and Instagram.
Keeping in touch with friends and family via phone and video parties and visits. Reading, cooking, and watching movies. Making art – working on scenes for my International Series from my travel sketchbooks. Trying out some new art from my daily sketches. Keeping sane – not judging myself harshly for being less productive than usual.
Do you have any advice for others?
Stay home! Care about yourself and others. This won’t last forever so follow the common sense directions to be safe and not endanger others. Be kind to yourself, be creative, try something new, enjoy what’s good about this (quieter streets, fresher air) and get lots of sleep.
What’s your trick to making sure you’re washing your hands for 20 seconds?
I just keep at it, probably longer than that. And keep hand lotion handy.
Do you have any TV or movie recommendations?
I’m an art historian as well as a practicing artist, so I have a soft spot for historical fiction, from entertaining period murder mysteries (the Matthew Shardlake series by C.J. Sansom is a favorite) to the amazing Wolf Hall trilogy by Hilary Mantel. I’m a francophile, so the TV show Call My Agent set in Paris is a fun one. My husband and I have been watching lots of movies – we just rewatched Run, Lola, Run–great.
Tell us about your usual studio practices!
Working from home instead of my studio in the Bok Building has drawbacks, especially less space and fewer ready materials, but I’m lucky to have a place to work at home so I’ve adapted my routine to fit. I brought the essentials home so I can continue to create, work in my sketchbook, share what I’m doing and keep in touch through social media. I’m not able to ship out orders so I’ve set notices that I’ll send out any orders when we’re able to move about again.
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