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May 8, 2020

Christina Massey – Creating Art With A Cause During Quarantine

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InLiquid Artist Christina Massey has kept herself quite busy during this time. As her location is the country’s most critical hotspot, New York City, not only is keeping a positive attitude necessary but a proactive one. As she continues to create her signature artwork created from recycled cans, she is also creating a movement in art-making to help save the United States Postal Service! Remember the fonder days of chain mail? Massey has found a way to bring it back!
Take a look at what she is up to:
What are you doing to keep sane during this time?
For me staying busy is the key, and finding ways that make it feel like I am contributing or helping in some way makes me feel motivated. I have partnered with other artists to create masks, I have multiple works in online shows that benefit various charities, I am a part of a group of artists that have been similarly motivated to try and do something to help artists in particular during these trying times. Now I have created the USPS Art Project designed for anyone to do and with the idea that if enough people participate, perhaps we can collectively as artists make a difference for the struggling USPS. In an election year, particularly with a pandemic, voting by mail is going to be even more important than ever, this is one small way that Artists can help, plus it’s fun!
Otherwise, I find it’s really important to get some exercise, be that in my apartment, or going for short walks, I need to get my body moving to feel motivated. Also, I did an interview for Art Spiel as a part of their “Artists on Coping” series which goes into more detail.
Tell us about your usual studio practices!
I live in NYC, and in one of the heavier affected neighborhoods of Brooklyn so even though my studio is super close to my apartment, I did completely self-quarantine while I was experiencing some extremely mild symptoms, a dry cough of which I have no idea if it was COVID-19 or not, but just to be safe I stayed in until that cough was long gone.
I had brought supplies to my apartment to prepare for such a scenario where I couldn’t get to my studio for weeks, but found it rather difficult to work, especially with a young cat who thought everything was a super fun game. It also feels like it’s not over yet, and difficult to address in my work as so much is still happening. So I have focused more on the business administrative end and got those things done you never want to take time to do like updating your website and doing your taxes.
This collaboration project, the USPS Art Project, has helped me get over that stagnant feeling. It’s nice to have the knowledge that someone else is counting on you to do this, that just the act of doing it, you are helping in a small way the larger community, and has made me feel more connected to the artists I’m collaborating with which is helping with the emotions of feeling isolated.

Do you have any movie or TV recommendations?
I just watched the Hilma Klimt documentary, Beyond the Visible, which was great.
On Amazon, I watched Good Girls Revolt which was good, but it’s sadly only 1 season. I also saw Escape from Pretoria, a prison escape movie based off of real-life that was pretty good and might feel appropriate to watch at the moment.
I’ve been really enjoying reading the “Artists on Coping” series on Art Speil that I mentioned above too.
Do you have any advice for others?
For me staying busy and physically active is the key, and not allowing yourself to get lost in the news. Get off your phone and computer for several hours a day.
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