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September 19, 2019

“Unveiled David Slovic” Reveals Textures, Movements, and Abstraction

About the Author
Erika Shevchek

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Artist and architect, David Slovic (1941 – 2018) has said that his work “explores the nature of abstraction, a process that moves freely between the real, the imaginary and the symbolic, engaging both the intellect and emotions. In each media, the work is ‘in motion’… The whole orders the plurality of the pieces.” Creating a door to illusion and the imaginary, the InLiquid exhibition, Unveiled David Slovic, reveals depth, shadows, and light through his stunning abstractions.
Slovic uses an array of mediums, including photographic collages and paper assemblages. All of his pieces create a plethora of multidimensional textures and complex movements, motivating the viewer to navigate further and closer between unexpected images of light in a larger abstract figure with photographic qualities.
Varying from four-feet-tall pieces to smaller, less-than-a-foot works, he still plays with dimension and shape in any size. Photographs and tape are placed with great detail, and Slovic’s wise choices in these details fit perfectly within the bigger context of his designs. These placements give credence to Slovic’s exploration of abstract and imaginative images.
Sweeping the InLiquid Gallery one morning before opening, the tranquil September light shone through the windows, illuminating his work, his creativity, and his memory that graces the gallery walls. Slovic’s work continues to question the viewer, and most importantly, his art unveils the powerful emotions of contentment and wonder. Thank you, David Slovic, for unveiling these emotions and for sharing your work with us.
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