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October 18, 2018

Natural Wonder Feature Artist: Laura Krasnow

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid’s most recent exhibition, Natural Wonder, is on display at Park Towne Place Museum and will be showing until December 31. Each week, InLiquid will feature one of the artists of the exhibition on our blog.
Laura Krasnow is a sucker for cartography, fascinated by ancient script, and easily fixated on blueprints and grids. Through all of these interests, Krasnow takes wildlife and gives it a sense of order that she finds in her maps and blueprints. After receiving her MFA, Krasnow knew that she wanted to delve deeper into the study of nature and took classes in math, physics, and computer science to understand the concealed secrets of nature.
Nature, while appearing wild and untamed, is highly structured in a way that we cannot see on the molecular level. Krasnow illuminates that unseen, mysterious aspect of nature and lends more organization to it than we, the viewers, can observe. Through her series Art is Science Made Clear, she uses blurred photographs of nature to upend our habit of viewing everything in HD, then dissects these photos with variations of lines to disrupt the art; she emphasizes that nature is always morphing within its space. She implements this new form of examination to make us look past what the human eye sees as an unplanned and untamed phenomenon and understand the science behind it; look beyond the obvious and try to understand the obscure.
Many of us may not understand the science behind nature on the minuscule level, but through her art, Laura Krasnow makes this science tangible and perceivable by the human eye.
Come visit Park Towne Place to support Laura Krasnow’s art, in addition to InLiquid member artists Keith Sharp, Caroline Savage, Leo Hylan, and Jenny Lynn! This exhibition is curated by Amie Potsic.
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