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September 27, 2018

Natural Wonder Feature Artist: Keith Sharp

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Lily Horner

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InLiquid’s most recent exhibition, Natural Wonder, is on display now at Park Towne Place Museum and will be showing until December 31. Each week, InLiquid will feature one of the artists of the exhibition on our blog so you can get insight as to what each artist brings to this amazing exhibition!
Keith Sharp unifies human constructions with natural constructions. Rather than critiquing humanity’s imposition onto nature, he imposes nature onto human structures. The combination of the two unites civilization and nature in harmony. Sharp is interested in the Japanese concept satoyama, which insists that artificial constructions must concede some space and hand it over to nature. Instead of mourning into the fact that the industrial world is hurting the natural world, he gives nature this space to assert itself onto human structures and celebrates the impact it can have on us.
In his Fabrication series, Sharp prints photographs of nature onto cloth; in Projection, pictures of nature are projected onto houses; Seeing Through makes man-made objects transparent to give nature the room to be seen in these spaces. These series give nature a chance to establish itself in a world that usually obstructs its impact.
Sharp wants the viewer to do a “double take” and reconstruct their notions of the relationship between humanity and nature, because they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They can coexist in unity, but only if we designate a space in our society to allow these natural wonders to thrive.
Come to visit Park Towne Place to support Keith Sharp’s art, in addition to other InLiquid member artists Caroline Savage, Laura Krasnow, Leo Hylan, and Jenny Lynn! This exhibition is curated by Amie Potsic.
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