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April 22, 2020

Leah Macdonald Works On “Empty Dresses” Series

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InLiquid Artist Leah Macdonald is working on a new series called Empty Dresses. Macdonald advises using your time during social distancing to start new projects and explore new artistic practices.
What are you doing to stay sane during this time?
I started a new series – called Empty Dresses– that I will photograph, print, and paint with encaustic. I set up a new still life every other day- photograph it, edit and print and then paint with encaustic. Sharing photos and videos on my IGTV on new encaustic pieces – step by step on my Instagram.
Do you have any advice for others?
Pick a project, something that is around your home or studio and work on it every day or every other day and see where it goes- I chose light and airy content- to keep my spirits up and help with depression and getting lost in grief- I have been moved and inspired by nature so I am combining the spring flowers with my studio props and it is keeping me inspired- I also added some new art practices I do not usually have time to do: watercolors and collage and drawing.
What’s your trick to making sure you are washing your hands for 20 seconds?
I limit my exposure to the outside. I only go to the grocery store and from January to March I did wash my hands every few minutes and did not touch my face- it has made me very aware of my actions and has slowed me down.
Do you have any TV or movie recommendations?
I have been watching Transparent – it is a deep and painful look at human relationship issues and sexuality.. and families trying to get along. I think it is very relevant now to understand how to cope with empathy and compassion for friends and family during this pandemic. I also look at art on the internet right now I am looking at floral painters/still life artists Jane Piper, Bill Scott, Lila Bacon.
Tell us about your usual studio practices!
Quarantine helps me focus on what is right around me- it limits the resources that I have and makes me focus on what is in my studio and how to use my process to make new work – based on the immediate moment and materials right in front of me.
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