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May 7, 2018

Bridget Purcell @ Park Towne Place

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Scott Schultheis

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Bridget Purcell is going to have some fun with us. On May 19th, she will be spending the day
aesthetically remaking the sport of volleyball. The lawn at Park Towne Place will be her
installation site. That location – sun flooded, grassy, and large – was the inspirational source for
her project, and it will be fascinating to see how she repurpose it. Purcell will be arriving with
the essential components; Net, ball, and boundary lines.
She is also going to have a wide selection of colorful adornments and extra game equipment to modify. I expect a recontextualized, sculptural version of the food show, Chopped. The audience of residents and passerby will be encouraged to shift between spectatorship and collaboration, as traditional
sports logic is replaced with techniques of crafting and building. Purcell is an artist who, in her own paintings and sculptures, playfully remixes materials to build connections between form and meaning.
We are excited to host her at Park Towne, as she creatively addresses some of
the visual and social conditions of group sports in this large-scale sculptural installation.

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