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If you didn’t hear, Philly now has its own elevated urban park worth bragging about: the Rail Park.

Reminiscent of New York’s Highline or the Promenade Plantée in Paris, the quarter mile once housed the Reading Railroad tracks.  Now, it is a green space with plenty of trees, benches, and even swings, under an industrial aesthetic. The organization behind this ambitious project, Friends of Rail Park, has recently teamed up with Bridgette Mayer Gallery and Arts & Crafts Holdings to present an exhibition of over 200 artists (30 repping InLiquid!), of which proceeds will benefit the Rail Park’s programming and upkeep.

Check out the artists exhibiting below, or see for yourself at the opening reception this First Friday, September 7th, from 5-9PM.   The show will be on view until October 5th, 2018.

Featured artists:

Agathe Bouton
Constance Culpepper
Cynthia Back
Delia King
Denise Philipbar
Dganit Zauberman
Donna Quinn
Enzhao Liu
Erika Stearly
Heather Ujiie
Henry Bermudez
Jacqueline Unanue
Jay Walker
Jeffrey Stockbridge
John Y. Wind
Kirby Fredendall
Krista Dedrick Lai
Lorraine Glessner
M. Pia De Girolamo
Mat Tomezsko
Melissa Maddonni Haims
Michele C. Kishita
Michelle Marcuse
Pamela Tudor
Paula Cahill
Phyllis Gorsen
Rachel Citrino
Rachel Zimmerman
Sandi Neiman Lovitz
Tremain Smith
Tyler Kline
Wendy Raskas Greenberg

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