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January 29, 2016

Young Friends of the PMA Networks Benefit 2016

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Zara Waters

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Press Bid to Play. That’s the name of the game—literally—for InLiquid’s annual silent auction and benefit this year on February 6. Artists and art seekers enter the ranks of fellow participants to plug in to the art auction, in anticipation of the chance to win and take home a special, one-of-a-kind art piece.

Preceding the night of the main event, InLiquid will hold a Young Professionals Night on February 5, giving the young collectors of the Philadelphia arts community a night to network and establish connections. There are over a dozen participants in this year’s Young Professionals Night and I enjoyed the opportunity to do a Q&A with one of them, Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, represented by the program’s coordinator Laurie Rothenberg.

Zara: What is Young Friends of PMA and what is the mission?

Laurie: The Young Friends is a dynamic group of art enthusiasts, committed to supporting the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Young Friends host fundraising events ranging from unique happy hours and networking events to formal black-tie galas. Each June, the Young Friends Executive Board awards grants that support important Museum activities, including acquisitions of new art, conservation and preservation of our permanent collection, and elementary school programs. These grants are a result of the funds raised through programs and events, including two large annual fundraisers, and Young Friends membership contributions.

Zara: What features do the Young Friends of PMA hope will draw in new members/what are the benefits to becoming a member?

Laurie: Designed for young professionals ages 21-45 who are interested in becoming more culturally engaged with Philadelphia, the Young Friends program offers captivating events with curators and local artists, art inspired excursions, and interactive social events designed to spark a lifelong love affair with art.

How does one join or become a member?

Laurie: Becoming a member is easy. You can join online, at, by calling the Museum’s Membership Department (215-684-7840) or Ticket Center (215-235-7469) during regular business hours. Of course, you can always join at any of the membership desks while visiting the Museum.

Image courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art from Young Friends event.

How does Young Friends of PMA prepare young artists, and those who are arts-minded, to play a role in the art community in Philadelphia and beyond?

The enthusiasm and support that the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art bring to the community helps to ensure a strong group of cultural philanthropists in the region. Their active involvement is a constant reminder that Philadelphia is a place for creative inspiration. By fostering this relationship with art, the Young Friends hopes to build the foundation for Philadelphia’s next generation arts advocates.

Zara: What role is Young Friends of PMA playing in InLiquid’s upcoming benefit?

Laurie: The Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are always looking to connect with young professionals interested in making a difference in the arts. The InLiquid benefit is a perfect opportunity to promote the region’s community and to network with groups that share our driven passion for the arts.

The theme for our Benefit is “Press Bid to Play,” taking attendees through a virtual adventure to collect and win some one of a kind art. If Young Friends of PMA played on this theme, it would be called “Press (blank) to Play.” And why

Laurie: If the Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art played on this theme it would be called “Press POP to Play,” for our upcoming winter fundraiser, A Pop Party, on Saturday, February 27. This fundraiser exemplifies all of the strengths of our program, and the interests of our members. Attendees will gain after-hours entry to the Museum and will be among the first to view International Pop, a groundbreaking exhibition about the popular culture phenomenon that exploded onto the scene in the 1960s. The evening will feature open bars, music by DJ Sagansky, dancing, and our celebrated raffle and silent auction. As our biggest event of the year, all proceeds will fund the Young Friends mission. For more information and tickets, visit

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