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December 19, 2018

Why Art Matters

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Lily Horner

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In the internet age, one can open up a website and look at any and all art they want. While that is definitely convenient, there is no substitute for seeing art in-person and ingesting its meaning outside of the computer screen. Galleries (especially ones that highlight local artists) are growing scarce, and the chance to experience great art personally is growing more and more limited.
In spite of this sparsity, InLiquid has been showcasing local artists at galleries around the Philadelphia area, and even opened our own gallery in the Crane Arts building this year. Now in its 19th year, InLiquid continues to support the Philadelphia community.
With our annual benefit coming up, it’s important to realize the importance of supporting InLiquid in our endeavors to unite connect Philadelphia artists with the Philadelphia public. Especially at this specific period in history, where we see fragmentation throughout the country, art is an important factor in uniting us and our appreciation for creativity and creative outlets.
Supporting InLiquid would assist our efforts to bringing local art to the forefront of Philadelphia’s culture, and with a tax-deductible donation, you can be proud of the fact that you are a part of keeping beauty in our city.
Pablo Picasso might have said (but probably didn’t say, but it’s still a relevant quote):
art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday."
While we are constantly rushing around with our phones glued to our hands, it’s imperative to stop and recognize the beauty in art that surrounds us.
InLiquid houses art that shows the poetry and passion that we sometimes forget to appreciate as we can be weighed down by this dust that accumulates during our quotidian routines. Through your support, you can help InLiquid and our member artists refresh your souls and keep the Philly art community thriving.
It doesn’t matter what the amount –  a gift from our followers shows support for one common passion.

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