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September 17, 2018

Where Art & Music Collide: InLiquid talks Philly Music Fest 2018 with band GREAT TIME

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Imani Miller

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Philly Music Fest 2018 is a few weekends away and here at InLiquid, we couldn’t be more thrilled!
The Philadelphia Music& Arts Festival is a non-profit endeavor – founded, produced and curated by Greg Seltzer. Our mission is to encourage the citizens of Philadelphia to SUPPORT YOUR SCENE. The Festival is both a testament and celebration of the exploding music scene in Philadelphia and a showcase of up and coming artists.
In addition to music, the Festival will highlight the food, beer and arts of Philadelphia. Local chefs will provide edibles, while all beer taps will be pouring only local craft beer. Local distilleries will handle cocktails. Local artists will display visual arts. The experience is an immersion in Philadelphia culture.
InLiquid got to sit down with one of the bands featured at the festival this year, GREAT TIME ; whose sultry, magnetic and funky first album, GREAT ALBUM , was released in April. We discussed how the Arts and Music community in Philadelphia is growing quickly and abundantly, and how creatives and organizations like InLiquid can further fuel conversations such as this to keep the community fresh and thriving.
Keep on reading for some great quotes from a great chat with GREAT TIME …
“I think it’s awesome when someone or a group of people create a space for all art forms to be intertwined… just the crossover of mediums I think naturally influences and inspires across the communities of music and art. In Philly, being able to make an effort to reach out and collaborate and see the community of artists has shown us that there’s so much talent. We just wanna keep digging in!”
“We definitely think visually and a lot of our music is inspired by visuals. I know my lyrics come from looking outside…like greens and yellows and blues and then I literally even say those colors in the lyrics or something”
“One of our first experiences in Philadelphia was at a house show. I know the Philly house show scene is huge and we first got introduced to that two years ago…she opened up her home and had two amazing visual artists put their work up on the walls and we met tons of different artists and musicians downstairs in the basement. I mean it’s all so connected!”
“I just wanna see all the other bands perform! I really have been trying to see Orion Sun and Kingsley’s playing and then a bunch of other Philly people I don’t know, so seeing and hearing other people, and meeting new people…I’m really excited! Oh, and there’s free donuts! I do want a donut!
And when asked if they’d be visiting InLiquid’s vendor table at the festival this year…:
“Definitely, oh my god, I wanna be there. I’m gonna stay there!”
Make sure to stop by and catch InLiquid at the Philly Music Fest Friday and Saturday, September 28th and 29th!  
And you definitely won’t want to miss GREAT TIME‘s performance at the festival on Saturday, September 29th at 3:30pm !  
See you there!
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