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January 21, 2019

What We Often Hear, Yet Rarely See: The Documentarian Work of Ada Trillo

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Morgan Lloyd

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The 2019 InLiquid Benefit is just around the corner! Until then, we will be featuring everything from artists’ works to fun items and experiences (all up for auction)! Stay tuned each day for new features!
As InLiquid brings in its 20th year of impacting the community, we want our art to do the same. The art featured here can be both thought provoking and inspired. Today’s featured artist’s work is an excellent conversation starter…
Ada Trillo is an interdisciplinary artist from Mexico who specializes in documentary photography. Inspired by her Mexican-American identity,  Trillo’s career has led her to become an advocates against injustice within the US and her native Mexico. Within her jarring photos, she captures life within controversy. She shows perspectives that are often spoken about in the news, yet not often shown.
Not only is her work award-winning, but is also a permanent part of the collections at the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Black and white silhouettes of Latin-American migrants embody her recent series. Currently, Ada is sitting alongside them capturing what life is like at the border. One can see faces of men, women, and children sleeping in unsafe conditions in pursuit of a better life, despite of current political climates.
Her images are daring and unapologetic. Trillo is a master at capturing the emotion of a moment…and the strength of those within it.
Hopefully, her works can find themselves within your collection – this piece ill be up for auction at the Benefit.

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