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December 1, 2017

The Wonderful Thing About InLiquid

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Kim Minutella

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ometimes there are just not enough words to address some of the many reasons why InLiquid is a great place for artists.
For starters, becoming a part of the InLiquid Art + Design team has given me something to be proud of. Coming out of college graduation, I was armed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Studies, a bunch of tools to use, and little knowledge of where I could use them. The options were endless, yet there I was, feeling like there was very little. Like all college grads thrown into the “real world,” I found myself in limbo, scrolling through job listings, with the blue light of the computer screen zapping away what little energy my already tired eyes had left. “How many art degrees does it take to make a living?” seemed to be the ongoing riddle in the back of my mind.
Now, working as a Site Editor for InLiquid, all of that has changed, and it is because of organizations like them that give artists like me the opportunity to pursue professional careers.
Since 1999, InLiquid has been working to promote the arts in Philadelphia by creating a network between local artists and the community. As an InLiquid employee, I have gotten to see and experience first-hand all that the non-profit organization does to make this network possible. And I can say that there has not been a single day that goes by when I am in the InLiquid office, that I cease to be amazed.
Each year, InLiquid hosts a series of exhibitions in venues that span all across the Philadelphia area. From the Painted Bride Art Center, to Park Towne Place, and even here at home in Crane Arts, InLiquid projects have never shied away from tackling a broad variety of themes–ranging from personal experiences, human connections, fantastical creations, charity, and social injustice–which is what makes their work as a non-profit arts organization so unique and important to the Philadelphia Art Community. InLiquid creates opportunities for both emerging and experienced artists, and encourage growth, public outreach, and portfolio building.
And the work does not stop there.
InLiquid also engages with students by providing internships in fields such as Journalism, Website Editing, Graphic Design, Curation, and Events Management–giving them resources and the experience they need to solidify their careers.
If you were to ask me the main reason why I am so happy to be a part of InLiquid, I would say it is because they are an organization that simply cares about people. They use art and creativity as a means of helping the community by providing a voice for artists and creative expression. In doing so, artists have a chance to get their work seen and feel what they have accomplished by participating in these events. They get exposure, and that is important in any art field.
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