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May 2, 2018

The Story Continues with Outside In

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Kim Minutella

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If you saw InLiquid’s exhibition, Inside Out, on display through May 5th, then be sure to return for the sequel, because the story is not over. Next week, the InLiquid Gallery brings in a brand new art show in reverse and the second half of a two-part exhibition!
Outside In, a group show about artwork reflecting a definitive outside influence will be turning the tables at the Second Thursday opening reception on May 10th, from 6-8pm at the InLiquid Gallery.
Krista Dedrick Lai
With a focus on external happenings, such as relocating to a new home, becoming a mother, engaging in relationships, or even starting a new job, Outside In is both an art show and a study–by visually representing how the environment and how experiences can affect why and when art is made.
Featuring Alice Gonglewski, Eli Smith, János Korodi, Krista Dedrick Lai, and Marton Szabo, each artist in the exhibition creates body of work in which their lives shape the color, composition, and tone of their pieces.
Eli Smith
Can’t make it out to the Opening Reception for Outside In (no pun intended)? The show will be running until June 9, 2018. You can stop by at the InLiquid Gallery from 12-6pm, Wednesday – Saturday at Crane Arts and maybe share a story or two with us on how you can relate to the work!

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