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January 24, 2019

The Silver Linings of Skyler Bradford

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Nell Mittelstead

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There is something to be said when an artist can create a sense of play in a piece of art as small as a pin. In Skyler Bradford’s piece When It Rains, It Pours, Bradford imbues humor into the 3”x4” enamel pin. The glossy white enamel, which curves every so slightly at the edge, is both alluring and playful. The cloud-shaped object at first feels almost innocent but dark, silver edge reminds us that there is always more going on beneath the surface of things, a silver lining to a stormy sky. Bradford likes to work with this theme of surprise, as she has said before, “For humor to exist– there needs to be an element of surprise. I create with this element of surprise in mind.” That duality between humor and surprise is an event here in When It Rains, It Pours. This lovely enamel pin is both melancholic and enlivening. It is fluid in its energy, refusing to be simply “one thing.”
After moving to Philadelphia to study education in illustration, Bradford turned her attention to more 3-D mediums and wound up graduating from the University of the Arts in 2017 with a degree in Craft and Material Studies. Based in South Philadelphia, Bradford operates out of her home studio where she is passionate about all things creative: art, writing, dance, music, and film.
When It Rains, It Pours, is just one example of Bradford’s ability to create work that is both elegant and playful. Her sense of humor with her work allows relief when the world can seem so grim. Pairing materials like acrylic neon and sterling silver is one of the many ways Bradford utilizes humor and surprise. She combines two materials that might seem at odds, and yet balances them with precision, straddling a line of beauty and fun.
Bradford’s enamel pin When It Rains, It Pours, will be up for auction at the InLiquid 2019 Benefit on February 1 +2. Perhaps it is time to add a small element of surprise, a silver lining to your own personal collection.

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