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June 17, 2019

The Perks of Being an InLiquid Member Artist

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Lily Horner

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As you (hopefully) already know, InLiquid’s mission is to connection Philadelphia artists to the community. The best way we’re able to do so is by inviting artists to apply for membership! Juried and selected by our review panel, InLiquid member artists come from all around the greater-Philadelphia area to share artwork and inspire each other both through our real world or online presences. Make sure to apply by June 30th to join the diverse collection of Philadelphia artists that are already apart of the InLiquid community!
Perks of our membership include (but are not limited to) an online portfolio complete with your CV, artist statement and selected works, opportunities to participate in our member-exclusive exhibitions, and increased contact with local curators and fellow artists. The InLiquid artist portfolios are easily searchable on Google and other popular search engines, so you’re sure to get a good amount of online exposure through our site. Not to mention, we promote our member artists on our widely-circulated e-newsletter, social media channels, and best of all our year-round programming in artist workshops, exhibitions, and artist talks. With numerous resources, there are many ways to use your membership to exemplify your artist career.
Learn what a few of our artists have to say about their InLiquid membership:
“InLiquid’s online platform provides an excellent digital presence for me as I build my own digital presence. Their technical assistance around social media has helped me understand how to increase my visibility and understanding their requirements for digital images has pushed me to update my portfolio.”  –Kevin B. Huang
“In two years of my membership, the following has happened. An art buyer found me online and approached me to purchase work. He still buys a piece a year. A TV show approached me to buy prints of my works. I was a micro-grant recipient and a demonstrator as a result at Blick which gave me enough dollars for art supplies for a specific series of works.”  –Bhashiva Patel
“InLiquid has included me in a number of beautifully curated shows and helped introduce my work to a wider audience. I’ve made small sales at Art for the Cash Poor that led to studio visits and long-term relationships with new collectors. People have also contacted me after seeing my work on their database. I also use the database as a curator to look for artists I might want to include on upcoming shows. I’ve met a lot of lovely people through InLiquid’s events and programs. These people became not only colleagues but also friends. This organization does a lot for Philadelphia’s artistic community.” –Brooke Lanier
“InLiquid has connected me with a diverse group of collectors and curators throughout Philadelphia, but also in New York and Miami. My work has been featured in numerous high profile locations and purchased by both corporations and private collections. As a member of the Inliquid community for more than 6 years, I would recommend membership to artists in any stage of their career.”Melissa Madonni Haims

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